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About us

Red Rock is an International company, who specializes in marketing and distribution of high-quality products and accessories in the fields of tactical equipment, camping, hunting, sport and more...


The company advocates the values of professionalism, reliability and quality which are expressed both in the choice the variety of products and the meticulous customer service skills of all Red Rock’s employees.


The company has chosen a small number of manufacturers, each leading in their field, all of them are an official supplier of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and produce groups of products, who are in use of the Israeli security forces (IDF – Israeli Defense Force, Israeli Police and security companies including special forces and units.


Red Rock is committed to its customers with the highest level of service: Frequent personal visits of the stores and points of sale, a deep understanding of the nature of the business and adapting the relevant product range to each specific customer, fast delivery times and personal contact with the costumer. All without compromising quality, and adherence to regulations and standards; each product has a high standard of quality and a governmental approvals; Sale in any country is according to standard mark of that State.






* Availability, and delivery, of the products shall be in accordance with the relevant national and international regulations. The displayed products serve exclusively the purpose of non-binding description of our company. They are meant to provide readers of any informative material relating to our company with the option, on their part, to submit their offers to us. Thus the displayed products do not constitute any proposition in the legal sense, or any offer within the meaning of the Trade Regulations Act. Any delivery shall be made exclusively to legitimate parties, pursuant to the respective national and international provisions.